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Photo taken by Lah Street , Feb 2014 @ Carcar, Cebu

Photo taken by Lah Street , Feb 2014 @ Carcar, Cebu


Someday, Somehow I'll Be Yours Forever. :)

The Love Of My Life

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Love and Remorse
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I can’t imagine how my life would be without reading books in this hands of mine. And now I have this plan, of starting to put up a secret library where I could spend the whole spare times of my life sitting on a couch reading every single book.
Someday, somehow, I’ll be able to see it this way. 🙂

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Love and Remorse

I also want to have this kind of thingy, but I still don’t have enough budget to put this up. Maybe someday, somehow,I’ll also be able to have this. But for now, I just have to collect as many books as I can in order to have this dream of mine in the future. So help me God 😉

write meg!


I have a confession to make.

In a spot far from prying eyes, I’ve been quietly building a library. It grows novel by novel, paperback by paperback — books stacks atop each other where I can reach them, but don’t see them every day. It’s enough to know they’re there: these stories I plan to share someday. With my future kids.

Yes, friends, I have a kids’ library — for the kids that are nothing but a sparkle in my 27-year-old eye.

I guess it’s weird to be collecting books for children that don’t yet exist. But as I’ve gotten older and started planning my life with Spence, I’ve had things like this on the brain.

Not too on the brain, now. Don’t get scared. Just, you know . . . floating around in the periphery. For years from now.

And babies? Babies are everywhere. If I thought everyone…

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December 10, 2010


Blah. Blah. Blah. I’d never thought I’ve come this far. I’d never dreamed of loving someone who loved me as much as I loved him. I’d never thought that God would give me a person whom I craved most by now.

I know that every person in the world right now is experiencing this stuff. But I reckon mine’s quite different.

He’s always on my heart, even though my mind keeps on erasing him. On my way, on the other side of the road, at the park, but I always regret him, told him I don’t see him, as if I don’t know him, and don’t care for him at all. Whenever my friends talk about him, I just keep on pretending that I’m angry at him,l and don’t love him anymore.

But in every word (or shall I say lies?) that comes from my mouth just reminds and bounds back at me that I still love him as he loved me more than anything in the world.

Sometimes, I just really want to cry, but I just can’t. Anyone around me is happy, so why am I so sad? But even though I’m always in a happy crowd, I actually get lost in it. I still want him with me…

Christmas is coming… and it won’t be the same without him. L

*This was written way back 2 years ago, when I was just in my 3rd year. I actually found this on one of my old notes in high school while searching for something useful in my Math 14 class. Hahaha! I just can’t help myself but laugh harder and deeper rather than pitying myself for some grammatical inaccuracies, dangling modifiers, and few mistakes in parallelism of words and phrases. I’ve realized that I’m not that quite good in writing during my high school days, well not until what I am now. Seriously, guys. Hehehe. And hey, am I really that childish way back then? What was more foolish than loving someone who was, eeeew!! Haha. It’s so yuccckyyyy. I should’ve known then. Hihihi. For now, let’s not go deeper than that. Forget about it, okaaay?  It was just some part of my stupidity during my, you know idiocy days. Huahaha!