Rubie Here!

It’s been already more than 5 years since I have this thing in mind of becoming a Writer. Oh well, considering that I’m kinda shy esp. when talking to Public, I would rather prefer to just stay aside, with a pen in hand and start writing anything under the sun. Absolutely, I have my own style of writing, I really like to write things most preferably in my own experiences, and I definitely try hard to have my readers relate and reflect with whatever stuff I cared to wrote about. Well, I have to stop at this point right now, coz I’m about to begin my first ever blog here. So, I hope and I pray that this would be a beginning of something, something that would enlighten my way to reach what I have had been dreaming of, the dream of becoming a freelance Writer. @allrightsreserved2012


17 | Blogger | Freelance Writer | Iska ng Bayan| Likes Photography, Books, Music, and STUFFS. XD /IFollowJESUS/

UPV, Miag-ao, Iloilo ·

  1. BrainRants says:

    Writing is work, but don’t get discouraged! Keep it up.

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