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Posted: September 19, 2013 in Personal


– They say I look exactly like my sister, but we’re not twins
– I’m obsessive-compulsive
– I praise the color “yellow”
– I’m a certified bookworm
– I’m narcissistic at times
– I cry when someone shouts at me and get easily irritated into annoying noises
– I discriminate ugly faces and don’t make friends with them.
– I easily make friends with beautiful people and trust them.
– I’m a nature-lover
– I’m not used in confronting a friend and I usually just shut my mouth when I’m angry.
– I can sing, but I don’t have a nerve to go to auditions
– I’m good at drawing, but not to mention drawing faces.
– I hate/fear animals esp. cats
– Im weird at times. I swear, you really won’t like it.
– I like acting, because it makes me more self-confident.
– I never drunk an alcohol.
– I’m addicted to Harry Potter
– I got 2 guy best friends and a girl bestfriend
– I could speak in 4 dialects (Hiligaynon, Karay-a, Cebuano, Aklanon)
– I’ve never eaten a watermelon because I never liked it. I know I had a sad life.
– I really love travelling places. 😀